Means of transport

Enterprise Logistics has its own means of transport as well as contracted ones at its disposal. The total fleet of the company is circa 100 trucks with trailers, being at constant availability. Half of the truck fleet and over a half of trailers are our own vehicles. The company shipping potential is complemented by the selected, reliable contracted carriers.

Assumption: the independence of a trailer from a truck in order to provide flexibility and speed of deliveries.

We operate with the use of disconnectedness of the trucks from trailers, applying the system of swaps. Thanks to it we do not restrict our clients with work time limits of the driving and resting of our drivers, truck service etc. – the matters which are irrelevant from the point of view of the basic activity of our customer. If situation requires we provide the double manning, we give lifts for the drivers-substitutes, we send loose trailers by ferry-boats, simply speaking we apply the means which are the most adequate and economically wellgrounded.

Safety and nonstop checking

All our vehicles are equipped with deck computers of the Transics telematic system which improves the safety of the entrusted cargo and supports effective control over it. Additionally, Enterprise Logistics vehicles are equipped with document scanners which allow for the immediate delivery of a scan with required documents for the accompanying shipping.

Successively we increase the use of the refrigerated trailers in our fleet. We carry food, the goods requiring refrigeration and heating, including dangerous goods (ADR).

The principal types of our transport sets

A set of a truck with a tarpaulin covered trailer of a type “curtain”
length inside 13,60 m
width inside 2,48 m
height inside 2,70 m
capacity 24 t
A set of a truck with a frigo trailer

Trailers with a possibility of keeping one or two temperatures (a partition wall).

length inside 13,60 m
width inside 2,45 m
height inside 2,65 m
capacity 22 t
range of temperatures from -20 to +25 °C

The local distribution of small packages is done by own distribution cars of 500 to 5500 kg capacity.