We have become the Forwarder of the Year 2019!

We are pleased to announce that our company has won the title of the Forwarder of the Year 2019. The prestigious Forwarder of the Year competition has been organized by the Polish International Freight Forwardes Association for 20 years. The jury, composed of representatives of the Association and universities, evaluates the candidates in terms of many different criteria. Among them are both hard financial results as well as the attention to employee development, activities in the field of CSR, commitment to bringing science and business practice, innovation and a number of others.

This is the eighth edition of the competition in which we have won the Forwarder of the Year award. We perceive it as a confirmation of the correctness of our long-term strategy of building transport and logistic support for companies creating goods exchange with Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Thank you for your trust and appreciation!


Occasional plaque

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